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When You Need of The Survival Food

Survival foods are those foods, which are eaten in any emergency situation for long period of times. Survival Food is an important part of life, not only for the human beings but also for various kinds of animals and insects. From thousands of years the concept of Survival food is running. In early days, man had frozen meat in the cold weather, whereas they had dried foods in the sun in the tropical climate.

In past, Survival foods helped man to stay in one place for long and also helped to form a community. Preservation of food also helped in keeping the animal lives alive till date. Men/women, to keep foods tasty and healthy for longer period applied various methods such as Drying, Freezing, Fermenting, Pickling, Curing, Canning, etc.

Foods, which are generally used as survival food, includes water, flour, whole grains, rice, cereal, beans, meat (frozen, dried or freeze dried), dairy products (powdered milk, freeze dried butter), Vegetables/ fruits, honey, oils, fats, yeast, baking powder, baking soda, salt, chocolate, coffee, nuts, dried fruit, etc.

After cold war, it is no longer limited to canned goods and military style meals-ready-to-eat. Peoples from all corners of globe to keep them selves prepared from any kind of issue like income loss, economic crisis, interruption in the food supply, flu pandemic, hurricane, civil unrest, loss of power, terrorist attack or due to any other situation in which buying food from usual sources becomes untenable, started using these type of foods.

Keeping in mind this type of need, various food processing companies started preparing various kinds of Survival foods. Among them, Mainstay Food Rations is the most popular.

Mainstay Food Rations are available in three packaging options, such as MAINSTAY 3600, MAINSTAY 2400 and MAINSTAY 1200. Offered in tasty lemon flavor, MAINSTAY 3600, MAINSTAY 2400 and MAINSTAY 1200 survival foods has 5 year Shelf Life and it can withstand temperature of -40° F to 300°F (-40°C to 149°C). Each package contains respectively nine, six and three meals pre-measured 400-calorie meals, which are always ready to eat. These types of food contain no cholesterol or tropical oils, which make them healthy, even for the ill patients. MAINSTAY 3600 is prepared in such a way that it can meet the US Coast Guard standards (160.046/23/0). The new package of the food also meets the stringent guidelines, set by the Department of Defense (SOLAS 74/83). These are boosted with vitamins and minerals, which are exceeding the RDA requirements.

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Freeze-Dried Survival Food, A Good Option For Surviving In Natural Or Human Created Disaster

We do not know when another natural or human created disaster will hit. Civil unrest can occur in a very short period and require that you have the means to stay indoors for at least 72-hours, or perhaps even longer. Freeze-drying was eventually developed during the WW II. Since then, freeze dried survival food have become a household product. Every one of us use dried milk, bread, fish, meat, chicken, beef and many other foods as freeze dried survival food now an then.

The process has been popularized in the forms of freeze-dried ice cream, an example of astronaut food. It is widely used to produce essences or flavourings to add to food. Freeze dried survival food are lightweight per volume of reconstituted food, and are also popular and convenient for hikers. As freeze dried survival food are dried, you can carry more food in same weight of wet foods.

These foods have many benefits, like these keeps us prepare for any kind of natural calamities or also for human created disasters. Some multinational as well as domestic companies are processing various kinds of freeze dried survival foods. You can take these foods with a glass of water only and these do not require any kin of heating.

There are some benefits of freeze dried survival food, these are:

· You can stay worry free about your favourite food, as you can eat them any time you want
· Freeze dried survival foods are cheap and are easy to store for longer period of time
· The biggest benefit of freeze dried survival food is that, you can concentrate in other work without thinking about cooking
· Easy to use and consume
· Can withstand any hard situation as these are packed in weather resistant packets and jars
· It can be stored in a much smaller space than other food reserves
· Can be eaten just by adding water to hydrate
· Retains the taste and texture of fresh food, not canned food
All together freeze dried survival food can also be used in general conditions, which can provide you enough time to concentrate on other jobs.
There are various freeze dried survival food manufacturer across the country, who processes dried foods, survival foods and other types of dehydrated foods. Some examples of dehydrated foods are like Milk Substitutes, Dairy, Freeze Dried Cheese, Powdered Eggs, Pancake & Waffle Mixes, Bread Mixes, Dessert Mixes, Drink Mixes, TVP, Dried Fruits, etc.

Emergency Preparedness Is A Plan For Survival

Emergency preparedness is something we should all plan for regardless of where we live. Recent events have destroyed major metropolitan areas and are excellent examples of the need for an emergency kit. Tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, and earthquakes are the most devastating events caused by the wrath of Mother Nature. Just a few beneficial supplies can mean surviving these events.

If you do nothing else, always have a supply of bottled drinking water on hand. How much is dependent on the size of your family. In addition, canned goods that are non-perishable should be included. If you want to save space and weight, a good option are dehydrated meals that our soldiers use regularly. Don't forget a hand operated can opener.

All forms of identification such as birth records and social security cards should be copied and placed with your other items. These documents are often difficult to replace if destroyed. Originals should be kept in a secure safe or even a safe deposit box at the bank. The same can be said for any family heirlooms. Keep in mind that no matter how heartbreaking it may be to lose our belongings, they can be replaced where human life cannot.

Batteries, matches, portable radios, and candles, should top off your emergency kit. Always have your cell phone on your person. Transmission towers are often destroyed during these storms but they can also be a means to the outside world if you should become trapped in any way.

Minor injuries are common during storms or in the bustle of preparing to evacuate. Keep one in all your cars that contains antiseptic creams, bandages, and analgesics for pain relief. Replace the analgesics from time to time to ensure their potency. Other medications used for diabetics, asthmatics, or those suffering from other debilitating illness should always be stored in an area that is quickly accessible.

A change of clothing and blankets should be included. Keep some cash on hand to purchase any necessary items, as you need them. Your vehicle should be kept with a full tank of gas whenever possible. With today's early warning signs of impending danger, a vehicle ready to go will enable you to evacuate immediately.

The thought of emergency preparedness may seem overwhelming to some but it is not. All necessary supplies can be gathered and kept in a plastic bin. All you would have to do is grab it along with your medications and go. Put a rescue plan in place with your family. Set up a meeting place where all of you will gather and know where everyone is at all times.

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Book 1 Year Food To Make Yourself Prepare For Any Kind Of Conditions

Food is any type substance, which is consumed to provide nutritional support to the body. The type of food we consume comes from either animal origin or from plant origin. From long time, storing foods is an important task not only for human beings but also for animals. Storage food for long-term usage is both a traditional and domestic skill and is important industrially.

Storage of harvested and processed plant and animal food products for 1 year food supply for consumers has many benefits. One year food supply enables a better balance diet throughout the year for us. It also reduces kitchen waste by preserving unused or uneaten food for later use. Further, Plan for One Year Food Supply also enhances the stock of food in retailers stock.

On the other hand, preserving pantry food such as spices or dry ingredients like rice and flour, for one year food supply, for eventual use in cooking also has benefits. It not only decreases our tension of availability of food but also helps in welcoming our guests any time. Continuous plan for one-year food supply also reduces tension of theft and enables us to be prepared for any situation.

Continuous 1 year food supply also makes us enable to become personally prepared from natural calamities and disaster. There are several types of food available, which can be stored for one year food supply, like dry food, rice, wheat, emergency foods, etc.

Storing food for at least 1 year food supply is one of the best things we can do, because whatever happens people across the globe are always going to need survival food. Storing food would protect you against a food shortage and inflation of food prices, for a period of time.

Some of the long-term food supplies such as one year food supply, we carry are specially designed to meet a specific budget, and do a great job doing this. Be it consumer or retailer, continuous 1 year supply of food has many benefit. Because, for continuous one year, the consumer do not have to think about food processing and on the other hand retailers also don’t have to think about consumers.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Stay Alert While Purchasing MREs For Sale

The term MRE stands for Meals Ready to Eat. Previously these types of food were used by Military personnel for surviving in really tough conditions for many days. MREs are generally fully cooked foods, which can be eaten hot or cold right from the food pouch instantly. MREs are prepared in such a way that a meal of MRE provides lots of calories to us. Some MREs do not contain chemicals and preservatives in them, which is really good for health.

MREs are ideal food solution for highly active persons, militaries and also for crisis workers. You will find lots of online store, selling various kinds of MREs for Sale. However, purchasing MREs from these vendors is full of danger, because, these are not from branded producers of MRE. So before purchasing a MRE for Sale please make a market research on the product as well as brand. Some well known brand offering MREs for Sale are like Mountain House Foods, Gourmet Reserves, AlpineAire, Wise Foods, Food For Health International, Food Reserves, etc. So before purchasing MREs for Sale, make confirmation that the MRE is from these brands.

Whether you are looking for tasty breakfast, lunch or dinner, with Meals Ready to Eat, you will get it all. You can get Pure Vegetarian MREs for sale as well as Non Veg MREs as well. In our collection of branded MREs for Sale, you can get Macaroni, Beef, Pork, Pasta, Red Beans with Rice, Black Bean and Rice Burrito, Chicken, various types of soups, Sandwiches, etc. Leading brands generally provide MREs for 72 hours, a week, a month or for a year or more. According to your need you can purchase the type of MRE for Sale you like right here from our website.

As we have years of experience in selling MREs from various brands and as we are the authorized dealers of these brands, you can rely on us. Every pouch of MRE you will purchase will contain MFG time as well as expiry date, so you can stay relax about the quality of the food we will supply.