Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Freeze-Dried Survival Food, A Good Option For Surviving In Natural Or Human Created Disaster

We do not know when another natural or human created disaster will hit. Civil unrest can occur in a very short period and require that you have the means to stay indoors for at least 72-hours, or perhaps even longer. Freeze-drying was eventually developed during the WW II. Since then, freeze dried survival food have become a household product. Every one of us use dried milk, bread, fish, meat, chicken, beef and many other foods as freeze dried survival food now an then.

The process has been popularized in the forms of freeze-dried ice cream, an example of astronaut food. It is widely used to produce essences or flavourings to add to food. Freeze dried survival food are lightweight per volume of reconstituted food, and are also popular and convenient for hikers. As freeze dried survival food are dried, you can carry more food in same weight of wet foods.

These foods have many benefits, like these keeps us prepare for any kind of natural calamities or also for human created disasters. Some multinational as well as domestic companies are processing various kinds of freeze dried survival foods. You can take these foods with a glass of water only and these do not require any kin of heating.

There are some benefits of freeze dried survival food, these are:

· You can stay worry free about your favourite food, as you can eat them any time you want
· Freeze dried survival foods are cheap and are easy to store for longer period of time
· The biggest benefit of freeze dried survival food is that, you can concentrate in other work without thinking about cooking
· Easy to use and consume
· Can withstand any hard situation as these are packed in weather resistant packets and jars
· It can be stored in a much smaller space than other food reserves
· Can be eaten just by adding water to hydrate
· Retains the taste and texture of fresh food, not canned food
All together freeze dried survival food can also be used in general conditions, which can provide you enough time to concentrate on other jobs.
There are various freeze dried survival food manufacturer across the country, who processes dried foods, survival foods and other types of dehydrated foods. Some examples of dehydrated foods are like Milk Substitutes, Dairy, Freeze Dried Cheese, Powdered Eggs, Pancake & Waffle Mixes, Bread Mixes, Dessert Mixes, Drink Mixes, TVP, Dried Fruits, etc.

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