Tuesday, November 15, 2011

When You Need of The Survival Food

Survival foods are those foods, which are eaten in any emergency situation for long period of times. Survival Food is an important part of life, not only for the human beings but also for various kinds of animals and insects. From thousands of years the concept of Survival food is running. In early days, man had frozen meat in the cold weather, whereas they had dried foods in the sun in the tropical climate.

In past, Survival foods helped man to stay in one place for long and also helped to form a community. Preservation of food also helped in keeping the animal lives alive till date. Men/women, to keep foods tasty and healthy for longer period applied various methods such as Drying, Freezing, Fermenting, Pickling, Curing, Canning, etc.

Foods, which are generally used as survival food, includes water, flour, whole grains, rice, cereal, beans, meat (frozen, dried or freeze dried), dairy products (powdered milk, freeze dried butter), Vegetables/ fruits, honey, oils, fats, yeast, baking powder, baking soda, salt, chocolate, coffee, nuts, dried fruit, etc.

After cold war, it is no longer limited to canned goods and military style meals-ready-to-eat. Peoples from all corners of globe to keep them selves prepared from any kind of issue like income loss, economic crisis, interruption in the food supply, flu pandemic, hurricane, civil unrest, loss of power, terrorist attack or due to any other situation in which buying food from usual sources becomes untenable, started using these type of foods.

Keeping in mind this type of need, various food processing companies started preparing various kinds of Survival foods. Among them, Mainstay Food Rations is the most popular.

Mainstay Food Rations are available in three packaging options, such as MAINSTAY 3600, MAINSTAY 2400 and MAINSTAY 1200. Offered in tasty lemon flavor, MAINSTAY 3600, MAINSTAY 2400 and MAINSTAY 1200 survival foods has 5 year Shelf Life and it can withstand temperature of -40° F to 300°F (-40°C to 149°C). Each package contains respectively nine, six and three meals pre-measured 400-calorie meals, which are always ready to eat. These types of food contain no cholesterol or tropical oils, which make them healthy, even for the ill patients. MAINSTAY 3600 is prepared in such a way that it can meet the US Coast Guard standards (160.046/23/0). The new package of the food also meets the stringent guidelines, set by the Department of Defense (SOLAS 74/83). These are boosted with vitamins and minerals, which are exceeding the RDA requirements.

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